We need a van

We are in urgent need of an animal transport van of our own, currently we have to rent vans and hire transporters as needed which costs us a lot. We also use our cars to transport animals, this is ok but isn’t useful in multi-dog rescues, where we have to take more than 4 dogs from the same home. Using multiple cars and having to do many trips isn’t good for the environment and costs us more than a single trip in a van would. Our animal transport van will be DEFRA inspected and approved, fully air conditioned for the welfare of the animals and the crates will be bolted to the van for safety. We need 5-6 seats to carry our volunteers to events and for multi-animal rescues.

Our van will also double up as a mobile vet room, where animals can be checked by a vet in the comfort of the van, meaning terrified dogs don’t have to be carried into the vet practice. 

Please contact us if you can help or donate to help us buy one.

Thank you