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Here at Chesterfield Animal Rescue we are a no-kill, non-profit organisation founded in July 2012 by a team of animal lovers dedicated to saving the lives of as many dogs and cats as possible each year.

We rely on donations to continue saving lives, we are fundraising to buy our own centre, something that will enable us to help thousands more animals over the years.

We assess animals in our homes, we use foster homes where possible, and we use kennels in emergencies. We are always in need of more foster homes as well as kennel sponsors.

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Chesterfield Animal Rescue Rescue
At Chesterfield Animal Rescue we believe that every dog deserves another chance. Whether the dog is at risk of being put to sleep in the pound or has an owner that can longer care for them we do our best to work with the councils and private owners to save the life of the dog.
Chesterfield Animal Rescue Rehabilitate
We ensure all animals are fully assessed and rehabilitated to a high standard before they can be adopted. This means the underweight animals have gained weight, the untrained have been trained, and the terrified have become confident. All this is done before we will allow them to leave our care as we have the experience to help them overcome their issues.
Chesterfield Animal Rescue Rehome
All animals are fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered before adoption, this is to ensure their health and safety at all times. We do home checks and follow ups as we strongly believe they are very important for the life-long safety of the animals. We also provide full back up and support for life.
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What Our Adopters and Fosterers Think

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    I have only been fostering for Chesterfield Animal Rescue for a short period of time but have already had the pleasure of fostering two lovely dogs. Molly was my first, a 6 month old Springer Spaniel who was full of life and a lovely temperament. She was with me for approximately 7 weeks before she found her forever home. My second dog was Bow, a gorgeous Pug crossed with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She was only 10 months old and full of fun. She was with me only briefly (I knew she would be because she was so gorgeous!) before she went to her forever home.

    Chesterfield Animal Rescue do an amazing job! They provide everything you need to take care of the animal in your care and offer support any time of the day if you need anything. I have done a meet and greet for Bow's new home and seen how the process works for rehoming the animals as soon as they can to the best home.

    People have said to me whilst I've been fostering, "don't you get attached? How can you bear to let them go?" The truth is that, yes of course I get attached to the dogs, but I know that they are with me until they go to their forever homes where I know they will be loved and cared for. These animals have undergone being removed from their homes with no clue what is happening, they deserve to be in a settled and forever home where they feel safe and loved. That is why I love being a foster for Chesterfield Animal Rescue.


    Current Fosterer

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    This charity does so much to help animals. They take on cases that nobody else will saving the lives of beautiful pets that people have cruelly treated or abandoned outright. They're always looking out for the best interest of the animals and put their heart and soul into helping every single one. Couldn't ask for a more caring organization.



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    Really amazing and caring staff. They don't get the credit they deserve. Hopefully they'll get donations and maybe grants in the future to enable them to expand the already incredible work they do. The animals are really well looked after.


    Current Fosterer

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    The dogs at Chesterfield Animal Rescue are well cared for. It shows when you see how they react to the staff. I have fostered & adopted quite a few dogs from them in the past. The staff are kind & considerate to animals & visitors.



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    Chesterfield Animal Rescue is by far the best rescue I have interacted with. They are solely foster based, meaning they do not currently have a shelter and all of their animals are kept in foster homes until they are adopted. I foster for Chesterfield Animal Rescue and volunteer at their events; I have been a part of other organizations in the area and Chesterfield Animal Rescue is by far the most welcoming, caring rescue community. It is clear how much compassion all of the fosters and volunteers have for these animals.

    Chesterfield Animal Rescue has an incredibly small staff, so it is important to note that because of this, it can take time to hear back from them when they get inundated with emails/calls. When my husband and I came on as fosters, we were properly vetted and home-checked because Chesterfield Animal Rescue goes above and beyond to ensure that its dogs are placed in correct foster homes, just like it does with adopters’ homes.


    Current Fosterer

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    We've adopted a number of our cats from Chesterfield animal Rescue, and we'd adopt from them again in a heartbeat, (as long as our current cats agreed to it). They are very professional and caring about the adoption process, and I appreciated the home visit to ensure the home environment of prospective "animal parents" is appropriate.
    Definitely top of our list for when we decide it's the right time to bring a 'new' face into the family once again.