Currently Chesterfield Animal Rescue do not have a rescue centre, a place to call home, a head quarters from which to run the rescue, a place to showcase our lovely animals.

Every spare bit of cash we have - which isn't a lot - after buying food, bedding, vaccinations, microchips and daily care is being saved so we can buy some land, build some kennels and eventually turn this in to the Chesterfield Animal Rescue Centre.

We rely on our team members and volunteer foster homes to keep our animals safe until they are adopted. This severely limits the number of animals we can rescue as we have to turn away animals who need our help till we have somewhere for them to stay.

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Chesterfield Animal Rescue Rescue
At Chesterfield Animal Rescue we believe that every dog deserves another chance. Whether the dog is at risk of being put to sleep in the pound or has an owner that can longer care for them we do our best to work with the councils and private owners to save the life of the dog.
Chesterfield Animal Rescue Rehabilitate
We ensure all animals are fully assessed and rehabilitated to a high standard before they can be adopted. This means the underweight animals have gained weight, the untrained have been trained, and the terrified have become confident. All this is done before we will allow them to leave our care as we have the experience to help them overcome their issues.
Chesterfield Animal Rescue Rehome
All animals are fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered before adoption, this is to ensure their health and safety at all times. We do home checks and follow ups as we strongly believe they are very important for the life-long safety of the animals. We also provide full back up and support for life.

Our Goals & Aims

  • To have large dog and cat lounges with large outside covered runs, these will give the animals we help a home like environment whilst they are looking for homes of their own and they will limit the amount of stress for all of the animals, making their recovery, rehabilitation and stay with us much more enjoyable.
  • To have a vet room with an on-call vet to give low cost vaccinations and neutering, as well as free microchips to everyone that needs them, eventually as our team is qualified, we would like to offer a walk in clinic for minor issues.
  • To have the facilities to help other types of animals from small to large.
  • To have secure and enclosed fields for exercising the dogs off lead, there will also be a safe off lead walking area for visitors and their dogs.
  • To have on site training open to everyone, including obedience and agility.
  • To have education days and work experience for students.
  • To have a pool for dogs, not only to help them recover but for exercise and fun too, a safe swimming area.
  • and so much more…

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We are always in need of people to join the team and do whatever they can to help. Aside from fosterers we always need people to help at fundraising events as well as transport runs to and from the vets or collecting rescue animals from their previous owners.

We are also looking for people who’d like to get more involved by helping to homecheck and get involved with admin – emails, maintaining Facebook, Google and Twitter accounts.

If you’d like to help with any of the above or think you could volunteer in a different way please contact us.

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