Is there an adoption fee and why?

Yes the minimum donation for adoption is £150 for senior dogs, £250 for adult dogs, £350 for puppies and £75 for cats.

The adoption fee covers your rescue animal being neutered (including puppies when they are old enough), micro chipped and vaccinated as well as all food, any other medical care and kennel bills whilst in our care.

This donation barely covers and in some cases falls short of the costs we incur to get an animal ready for re-homing. Any spare money from the donation goes towards helping another animal or towards our dream of opening our own rescue centre.

What is the adoption process, how long does it take?

Please see our page on the adoption process.

What do I need when I adopt a rescue dog from you?

You will be contacted by one of our volunteer team members who will go through everything and any questions you have before your chosen rescue is made a part of your family.

In general you will require:

  • A Collar
  • A Lead
  • A Place for the dog to sleep – bed or crate
  • Food
  • Toys

I don’t live in Chesterfield, can I still adopt?

Yes, this is no problem at all and we have dogs all over the country ranging from Kent to Scotland. As long as you are prepared to travel or meet us at a mutual location we will do anything we can to get the dog in the right home.

Can I reserve a dog?

Unfortunately we do not offer a reservation service. All offers for dogs are considered up until they are adopted. We want a dog in the best possible home so must consider all adoption enquiries.

We must also avoid time wasters as every day a dog is in our care we could be saving the life of another. People often ask us to reserve a dog and then change their minds.

Where a dog has been on trial for a minimum of 4 weeks and is waiting to be adopted, we will mark the dog as Reserved.

How are you funded?

We are funded solely by the generosity of the public. We rely on adoption donations, fundraising and general donations to survive and keep rescuing animals.

Can I come visit your animals?

Not at the moment. We have ambitions to build our own centre but this requires a phenomenal amount of money so at the moment we rely on foster homes to house our rescues.

Unfortunately we sometimes have to use kennels but this costs the rescue money and isn’t ideal for the dog.

As part of the adoption process, if you pass a home check then you will be offered at least one meet up with the chosen adoptee before bringing them home. It is important for us, the dog and yourselves to make sure all parties get along before bringing an adoptee home.

Can I volunteer to work with your dogs?

At the moment because our dogs are in foster care we can’t offer the opportunity to do any volunteer work with our dogs, but when have any in kennels we would love your help.

We do however require volunteers to help with fundraising and marketing the rescue so others hear of our good work and we can save the lives of even more animals. Please get in touch if you think you can help with this or see our page on how you can help.

Do you always home check?

Yes, an animal will never be rehomed without a home check taking place. This helps us make sure the dog your interested in will be a match and you’ll be happy together as well as ensuring the welfare of the animal once they are part of your family.

Are all adopted animals neutered?

If possible all animals will be neutered before being re-homed. Sometimes this isn’t possible and the animal is re-homed with a clause which states they must be neutered at the earliest possible date. This will be discussed with a team member as part of the adoption process.