Is your business looking to help save lives and get some great benefits in return? There are many ways your company can sponsor us. You can become a dog sponsor, it's a one off donation to help take in the dog you sponsor. Not only do you help to save their life, you get to name them, have photos taken of you with them for thank you posts, and every time we post about your sponsor dog you'll be tagged.

We also offer event sponsorships, again a one off donation which helps us fund an event such as a coffee morning so that we can generate more sponsorships. For this your company logo will be on all the event posters, which are displayed in multiple locations. Your company will also be tagged in every social media post about the event. Our posts reach over 100,000 views and we have over 10,000 likes on our social media pages.

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Success Stories
Advertising Photos
Chesterfield Animal Rescue Rescue
Have photos taken with your sponsored dog, or have photos taken at your sponsored event which will then be posted on social media.
Social Media Posts
Chesterfield Animal Rescue Rehabilitate
Every time we post about the dog you have sponsored or the event you have sponsored your company will be tagged with a thank you message.
Additional Advertising
Chesterfield Animal Rescue Rehome
Get to name your sponsored dogs, or if you sponsor an event get your logo on all the posters for the event.

Our Sponsors

Staveley Vets

Dog Sponsor

Staveley Vets have kindly sponsored Hatti

Happy Hounds Dog Boarding

Dog Sponsor

Happy Hounds Dog Boarding have kindly sponsored Una

Brand Photography by Wings

Dog Sponsor

Brands Photography by Wings have kindly sponsored Apollo

Chip Hosting

Other Sponsor

Provides Chesterfield Animal Rescue with FREE website hosting and FREE website design with regular updates.

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