Our Biggest Rescue

Here is a summery of our biggest ever rescue to date.

On Wednesday the 8th of May we received a call asking us if we could help a lot of dogs due to their owner passing away after a long illness. We said yes and arranged to meet some of them the next day. They had been split into two groups by the family to make it easier for them to manage.

We arrived to assess the small dogs on Thursday. We met Penny, Albert, Lucy, and Trevor – all wonderful dogs. It turned out Penny was expecting, we had to take her earlier than planned to get her vet checked and settled into a foster home. Penny came home with a team member, she was vet checked and had a scan confirming 2-3 puppies due in around a week. She settled in well and is such a lovely girl. We planned to come back to take the rest of the small dogs on Friday after assessing the larger dogs.

We arrived to assess the larger dogs on Friday. We met Lilly, Deric, Jeffery and Hatti – all wonderful dogs. We took Lilly and planned to come back for the other 3 on Monday. After we’d dropped her off we collected the smaller dogs and made our way to the vets for check up, collecting Lilly on the way.

We arrived to collect the final 3 dogs on Monday. Deric was put in the car first. Hatti came next who was scared but ok. Jeffery came last and was the most scared of them all. Hatti and Jeffery need a lot of trust building, they’ve both been shut away from the other dogs and received very little attention for a long time. We were told Hatti has never been in the house, she is very matted and dirty but despite her limited human interaction, she’s a lovely girl who has bonded well to one of our volunteers.

We had them all vet checked the day they came to us. Penny needs her ear canals removed and some of the others need dental work. They all need to be vaccinated and neutered, some need to be microchipped too.

We  had the smaller dogs groomed this Wednesday, the larger dogs are too scared to go at the moment but we are working on building their trust.

This has been the most animals we’ve taken from the same home, it’s been heart breaking for everyone involved. The conditions weren’t good, the dogs need a lot of TLC, rehabilitation, vet care and time.

We urgently need donations to help us continue saving dogs like the ones we’ve taken in recently. We need towels and blankets, puppy pads, puppy pens, newspapers and dog toys. Our amazon wishlist can be found here

If you can donate anything at all please contact us or donate here.