Domino and Ted

Our new boys Domino and Ted are in need of some TLC. Ted has tummy issues and Domino is underweight with a large lump.

They would love for you to sponsor them, all donations will be going towards their care, vet bills and anything else they need.

They are currently in an experienced foster home but will be moving on when the time is right. If you can sponsor them, please use our donations page or click here

17/05/16 – AM UPDATE.
Ted’s tummy issues are improving with grain free food. Domino is wolfing food down and will be assessed at the vet today. As he’s had two lumps in the same place removed previously, it’s very likely this one will be removed as well.

17/05/18 – PM UPDATE.
Yes the lump needs to come off, he’ll be having bloods done too. They’ve estimated £500 so that’s our target to raise before he has his op next month.

20/05/18 – UPDATE
Both boys are doing great. Ted’s tummy issues have been resolved and Domino loves playing find the treat in the Kong toy. Thank you to the lovely people who have donated so far, we’ve got £71.05 towards our target!