Company Sponsors Needed

Posted on 27th Dec 19

by Admin

Could your company sponsor a dog or an event and help us save lives? You’ll get lots of advertising, photos and visits from your sponsor dog and you’ll help us to save animals in need. Sponsoring a dog costs £250 and lasts for as long as the dog is with us, two have so far been with us for over a year – that’s a lot of posts and a lot of shares. Some of our posts have over 100,000 views, the popular dogs get even more! Dogs are with us for at least 2 months, some a lot more. You can sponsor a dog with us now, or a dog yet to come to us. Dogs On Trial are likely to be adopted soon,  if you choose to sponsor one On Trial the fee will be reduced to £50 as advertising will be limited to possibly just the sponsor post and the adoption post. Sponsoring an event costs £100, you’ll be advertised for the month of the event and at the event itself. Your logo will be included on our event poster which is put up in local shops as well as shared online. 100% of Sponsorship money is used for the animals in our care, no one takes a wage. We look forward to working with you soon, thank you