Company Sponsors Needed

We are looking for animal loving companies to sponsor our dogs and cats. Not only will you get loads of advertising, but the sponsor fee will go directly to the animal you’ve sponsored. 

How does it work?
When you’ve picked who you want to sponsor, we arrange a meeting for you with the animal, usually at your place of work for your logo in the back ground of the photos. We tag you in every post about your sponsored animal, vet trips, walks, cute sleepy pics, you name it, we tag you in it. Some of our posts have over 200k views each, we get lots of engagements on posts too. We have your name and logo on your sponsor animal’s rehoming poster at events. The dog or cat’s main photo on our website will feature your logo and a link to your website will be on their rehoming page. Any posts after adoption will also include a tag to you too.

Why is it needed?
When we take in a dog or a cat, we have to vaccinate, microchip and neuter them, we also pay for any medical needs they have, and if they’ve had to go into kennels, we pay that too. Animals from Spain also have a transport fee as well. These costs can go up into the thousands, so by sponsoring an animal your £250 fee will really help us to cover those costs. The one off £250 donation lasts for the lifetime of the animal. 

How do I sign up?
Send us a message either on our social media or click Get In Touch and we will do the rest.

Thank you so much for your help and support