Ollie Completes Adoption

Ollie and Tony

Congratulations to Ollie our lovely English Springer Spaniel who was adopted this morning by Tony. We are delighted for Ollie who couldn’t hope for a better home and seems to have settled in very nicely to his forever home already.

Ollie walking fosterWhen Tony first met Ollie it was obvious they were going to get on like a house on fire but like most situations we always recommend a trial foster before completing the adoption to make sure both you and the dog settle in to a new life together. Well it wasn’t long before we could tell Ollie wouldn’t be coming back to us, as you can see in the photo how happy he looks in the great outdoors after only a couple of days.

11887900_1164554890227731_5428204777991494782_nWe are sure that Ollie and Tony will only improve each others lives and it gives us great pleasure to see both dog and owner happy and we wish them all the best.

Remember that once a C.A.R. rescue dog, always a C.A.R rescue dog and we will provide full support and back up for the life of your adopted dog no matter how big or how small the problem, day or night.

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