Looking for Land

We are on the lookout for land either that we can buy or that we can rent. The land will help us save more lives and raise more funds. The land will be divided into sections depending on the size. A rough guide is as follows; 

Section One for dog exercise and rehabilitation, where we can let dogs off lead to help with their rehab and training.  We will have large field shelters so the dogs can take themselves off the main playing area when they want to have a rest, and to keep us dry in our wonderful English weather. This area will also be used for our dog shows and events.

Section Two for wildlife rehabilitation, where we can build secure areas for wildlife rehabilitation. Hedgehog houses, aviaries and small animal huts for example. This will be in the quietest corner.

Section Three for meet and greets and assessing new dogs. This section will also be available to hire for a small donation each hour. We hope to have agility equipment for hire to use in it too.

We would like to have a cabin or caravan on the land for our volunteers and visitors to have a hot drink and sit down to discuss the dogs in our care. Meeting your new best friend can be a lengthy process for our harder to rehome dogs, so a private area that you can relax in together is vital for reassurance and bonding of the nervous dogs.

As we are rapidly growing, our needs are becoming more urgent, with a long list of animals needing help, we really need to find land quickly.

If you have any land that we could use, renting or buying, please get in touch with us. Thank you so much from everyone here and from everyone yet to come.