6 Months old
Yorkshire Terrier cross Chihuahua

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About Me

Rolo is Penny’s only surviving puppy. He was born in our care and is being raised in a foster home with other animals and a 3 year old.

He will be under contract to be neutered once old enough at our vets.

Applications are now closed (01/09/19), thank you to all who applied, we are working through applications.

My Likes and Dislikes

Type of Home I Need


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My Traits

  • Good with Other Dogs

    I get on well with other dogs

  • Good with Other Animals

    I get on with other animals (see my page for more details)

  • Needs Training

    I still need some help with basic training… but I am a quick learner!

  • Good with Children

    I’m well behaved with the youngsters (see posts for age specifics)

  • Live Wire

    I am always on the go, into everything and very active.

  • Good with Strangers

    I love my owners, but I’m also happy to meet new people.

  • Bright Spark

    I am a fast learner and will need to be kept busy and stimulated.

  • Loves Attention

    I am a big softy – I love lots of fuss and enjoy my cuddles.

Current Status

Fostered - On Trial
What Next

Rolo is currently in a foster home on a trial adoption. Please feel free to submit an application and we will keep your details on record should the trial finish or a similar dog become available.


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